Saturday, June 26, 2010


If I'm being perfectly honest, I had a wonderful incentive to create a blog at this time. My absolute favorite blogger at Sugar Pie Farmhouse - Aunt Ruthie- just wrote a summertime e-book that I'm completely thrilled about:
Aunt Ruthie says, "Are you ready for a sun-drenched, farm fresh, sweet-as-corn-on-the-cob adventure to the good ol’ summertime? Well, this E-Book will take you there! This is more than a E-Book with words, each page is decorated in full color with vintage images, photos, charming quotes and of course 51 farm fresh ideas including family fun tips, recipes, decorating ideas, encouragement for homemakers and so much more! Darlins’, ”Watermelon and Fireflies” is just drippin’ with sweet southern nostalgia like honey from a honeycomb!"

Her southern style charm has a way of continually refreshing and motivating my soul to do great things to bless my family. Oh, I simply can't wait to get a copy for myself! She's giving a 25% off discount until June 30 and a portion
of the proceeds will go to "Samaritan's Purse" and “Feed The Children.”

What does all this have to do with me starting a blog? Well, first I'm happy to support and bless such an amazing, Godly woman. Second, she's giving away a few great prizes to bloggers mentioning her e-book. What more incentive does a girl need?

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clambert11 said...

Cool! You should write an e-book and inspire me! :)