Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Upstate New York

The first segment of our east coast trip is over and I am left with many wonderful memories, but I miss my loved ones already! We arrived in Hoosick Falls, NY at 11pm on Friday night. We had driven a total of 27 hours between the two days of travel. Overall, it was an uneventful trip except for our two-hour lunch break in Lake Erie, PA. We were able to eat at a cute little restaurant on the Lake. It was a beautiful day and it was my favorite eating ambiance; outdoor seating overlooking a body of water.


 On Saturday morning, we enjoyed a leisurely morning with my Aunt Missi, Uncle Greg, cousins; Ethan & Ashley, and my Dad. Oh, how I have missed my Daddy! It was so good to see all of them. Later that day, my beautiful cousin, Elizabeth, (who is more like a little sister) got married. It was a beautiful wedding. We all had a wonderful time celebrating the union of such a special couple. I'll be sure to add pics when they are ready.

Sunday, I was able to spend some time with my grandparents. I was especially thrilled to see my Grandmother because she is the best Grandma in all the world. I only wish I was able to spend more time with her. After they left, Dale, the kids, and my Dad went to the largest Walmart I have ever seen. It was two stories tall! It had an escalator! And not just for people-it had a separate one for carts! The kids and I acted like total hillbillies. I was taking pictures like crazy and the girls had no idea how to get on and off the moving stairs. It was quite comical. Dale and my Dad pretended they didn't know us. Hmmph! It's just proof that he needs to take us out more.

The carts get a ride of their own.
Juliette is thrilled to be riding the "moving stairs".
Not too sure about all of this...

Checking out the view from the second floor.

 After our Walmart adventure, we went to the Crossgates Mall. I needed to find a baby gift for my cousin. It's no secret I like to shop, but I have to say I do not like big malls. I am the type of person that has to go through every single store to make sure I've exhausted all my options and found the perfect gift. When the mall is too big, that's just impossible and I get overwhelmed quickly. The girls and I went through the stores on the top floor and we called it quits. I settled on an adorable little brown bear snow suit and met the boys at Friendly's for an ice cream break.

Richard digs right in.

Friendly's had a new ice cream menu with calories listed. That's not right. Of course, Dale and I ordered the most fattening thing. It had a whopping 1,700 calories. We would have been happier not to have known that. It was a delicious pb filled, warm chocolate cake surrounded by three pb fudge icecream scoops. Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, reese's pb cups, and a cherry topped it off. was SOOO good even though it was sooo bad for us.

Hunka Chunka PB Fudge Lava Cake Sundae

Monday was spent with my Aunt Shelley and Uncle Bob, cousin Kaittie, and newlyweds Liz and Shawn.

13 year old Kaittie and I
Lizard and Shawn

Aunt Shelley

My Daddy & I
My Dad, Dale & I left the munchkins with them and met Aunt Missi, Uncle Greg, and children for dinner at Madison's Brewery (one of our favorite places to eat in Bennington, VT).
Historic Main Street
Madison's Brewery

Aunt Missi & Ashley
Ethan & I
Uncle Greg & Dale toast to a nice beer sampler.

Tuesday, Aunt Missi and I went to my favorite store in New York, The Potter Hill Barn. Shh....don't tell my Aunt Sharon!

 Then our little family and my Dad headed off to the Altamont Fair.  I had never been there before, but I would have to say it was the best little country fair I've ever experienced. It was scenic, quaint, charming, and nestled in the beautiful, Helderberg Mountains.

We ate lunch when we arrived, then I helped myself to my favorite fair treat; Fried Dough. If we did nothing else but eat fried dough, I would have been perfectly content.

As animal lovers, we thoroughly enjoyed checking out all the cute critters...

Precious from head to toe...
A bearded chicken?

If I were a chicken, I would want to look like this.

The horses were calm and friendly...

Juliette found her Romeo.
Just like a petting zoo.

We had a blast on all of the rides. It was wristband day and the rides were included in admission.

Finally, Belle musters up the courage to ride the Ferris Wheel.

Richard's first Gondola ride.

That evening, Dale concocted a new wing recipe that (apparently) is better than ever. He can't wait to share it with all of our wing loving friends! I had a good cry on my Daddy's shoulder as we said our goodbyes. I can only hope I'll be able to see everyone again soon. Not only will I miss my wonderful family....

My Aunt Missi and I.
Juliette & her Grandpa playing soccer.

Grandpa & Granddaughters
Uncle Greg & the girls play catch.
 ...but I'll miss the crisp, fresh air, the brightest star-lit sky, the country farms, and the beautiful mountains I once called home...
My childhood home.

A portion of what once was my Grandparent's farm.

View from my Aunt & Uncle's front porch.
Farewell New York, hello New Jersey....


Leslie said...

Oh Amanda, the pictures are beautiful!!

Everyone looks so happy.

Can't wait to show dad when he comes in for a coffee break after mowing the lawn.

Thanks for posting.

Miss and love you,

Dawn said...

Amanda.. I'm missing it all for you!! Very well written you almost had me teary eyed!! After seeing you guys.. I realized I miss you all more than I thought!! Enjoy your trip and love you guys!!