Sunday, November 14, 2010


It's official....we have a cat! It's been about a month and this beautiful boy is still hanging out on our front porch. He has the sweetest disposition of any cat I've ever known. Very loving and gentle, he'll let us hold him for long periods of time. He purrs, LOUDLY, as soon as he sees us...
Belle and Milo relax in the porch rocker together.
...well, all of us but Richard. I'm quite certain it's because Richard carries him around by his neck. Of course, he's not even allowed to pick Milo up, but he manages to sneak in a kitty capture from time to time. Surprisingly Milo hasn't scratched him or bit him once. He's a keeper!

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clambert11 said...

It's Gus! I didn't realize he made it all the way out to Missouri when he ran away 4 years ago!